'Piercing Brightness' - Behind The Scenes
Filming in Avenham Park

Tuesday 19th July. Media factory, UCLAN, Preston.

The filming moved to the University Media Factory to use the indoor studio for shooting the scenes of characters driving in the car. The indoor set was used to make use of Green screen special effects. Whilst in the studio, the director Shezad Dawood took time out to give an interview of how he was inspired by the city’s community.

Thursday 14th July.  Preston Bus station /car park.

This evening shoot was set for the spaceship scenes seen high above the city Bus Station skyline. Although the scenes are only short, the logistical problems involved with setting up a film and sound crew could be compared to an army preparing for an extended campaign. 

Thursday 14th July. Preston Bus Station/car park roof.

This evening was spent perched over 65 metres high for the spectacular shooting of an inflatable type balloon lit from inside by a bright white light. This was being used for the spaceship scene watched by the characters Nikki,Lee,Maggie and Warner

Filming on Preston Bus Station

Thursday 14th July Preston Bus Station.

The roof of the bus station is where the UFO lands in the film. This has been one logistical task transporting all the film equipment and lighting by driving it up all the access ramps. One light which looks amazing is the inflatable light which is like a large balloon. This is going to be used to represent the light from the spaceship as it lands. It is interesting to see the large number of technical people needed for each shot  and how they move about like a gang to achieve this. After a while of watching the film making you start to believe that a spaceship is is going to land on the top deck of the bus station. The filming started when it got dark at 10pm and carried on all night till dawn, so it was a little like shift work. Some young people attracted by the lights, came to see what was going on and maybe appear in the film.

Wednesday 13th July

Preston Bus Station Underpass.  This evening shoot was taken in the subway leading from the bus station to the city centre. The hoodies speed down the ramp, along the subway past the camera, then brake hard to stop before hitting a stairway wall 

Interview on set in the Old Post office building with Art Director, Simon Godfrey.

Wednesday13th July 8.30pm-5.00am Preston Bus station subway.

This evening shoot was taken over two hours starting with rehearsals and finishing with the final takes. Two of the hoodies, Sam and Liam, live locally and were hired as extras for the bike scene. In filming these scenes for the blog I was amazed by the commitment of the production crew in setting up equipment and scenes. I watched the crew arrive, set up, wait for actors to arrive on set and make-up the actors.